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klimaschutz / Nachrichten - Januar 2008
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Nachrichten - Januar 2008

Page history last edited by Baerbel Winkler 14 years, 3 months ago

Januar 2008


28.1.2008.  US looks to old Herr Kohle for energy security. The Register


28.1.2008.  Winter storm paralyzes China. NYTImes


28.1.2008.  Der Igel betrachtet den Winter fuer beendet. Sueddeutsche


27.1.2008. Maiken Winter beim Bundesumweltamt (Mitteldeutsche Zeitung).  Aber die zitieren mich ein wenig falsch. Die Studie ueber den Trauerschnaepper war in den Niederlanden. Und der Rueckgang ist auf die fruehere Entwicklung der Raupen zurueckzufuehren.


24.1.2008. Al Gore in Davos:

Gore, Bono Outlook on Climate, Poverty

DAVOS, Switzerland Jan 24, 2008 (AP) - Former Vice President Al Gore and U2 front man Bono offered measured praise
Thursday for efforts in tackling climate change and global poverty, but warned the World Economic Forum that conditions
were not improving as much as they could.

Gore says 'changing light bulbs' not enough

DAVOS, Switzerland, Jan 24 (Reuters) - Climate campaigner Al Gore urged world policymakers on Thursday to change laws
"not just light bulbs" in tackling global warming, and a UN official said world market turmoil must not be allowed to delay action.

Davos duet: Gore and Bono

DAVOS, Switzerland, Jan 24 (MarketWatch) - In an early morning session at this year's annual gathering of business leaders,
politicians and others at the World Economic Forum, the former U.S. vice president and the U2 frontman traded quips while
elaborating on their calls to combine efforts to fight global warming and alleviate the plight of the world's poorest citizens.

Davos switches focus to Mideast

DAVOS, Switzerland, Jan 24 (AP) -- Fears of world recession briefly took a back seat Thursday at the World Economic Forum, where leaders from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq focused on how to establish security in their volatile regions.

Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf said poverty -- especially when paired with illiteracy -- was the key breeding ground for suicide bombers. Barham Saleh, deputy prime minister of Iraq, described terrorism in his country as "efforts by extremists to hijack my religion."

Afghan President Hamid Karzai, whose country has recently seen an upsurge in suicide bombings, said the practice "isn't religious, it's criminal."

Musharraf pledged to battle the "scourge" of radicalism in regions bordering Afghanistan. And he said he would do his utmost to ensure Pakistani elections next month would be fair.

Saleh suggested that U.S. troops would remain in Iraq indefinitely.

"Our expectation is that we would need the Americans in a supporting role ... for some time to come," he said. Iraq needs America as a guarantor of security to act against "regional predators," he said.
Thursday began with an early morning session where former Vice President Al Gore and U2 front man Bono offered measured praise for efforts in tackling climate change and global poverty, but warned that conditions were not improving as much as they could. Read about Bono's warning.

Addressing several hundred people, Gore warned that the world climate crisis was worsening.

"We could take the whole session talking just about the new scientific evidence of the last few weeks and months," said Gore, who shared last year's Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to fight climate change. The "climate crisis is significantly worse and unfolding more rapidly," he added.



23.1.2008. US given poor marks over the environment. NYTimes.  See the report at Yale University ( slash home)


23.1.2008.  UN Climate chief is optimistic. NYTimes


23.1.2008.  Spezialnachrichten ueber das Weltwirtschaftsforum in Davos. Sueddeutsche


22.1.2008.  Die Ostsee wird waermer. Sueddeutsche.  Der Report ueber das neue Buch ist hier.


21.1.2008.  Rich countries ow poor a huge environmental debt.  The Guardian


21.1.2008.  Heute beginnt der World Future Energy Summit.


21.1.2008. Sozialstrom bei der Energieversorgung. Sonnenseite


20.1.2008. Ungewisse Zukunft fuer Europa's Voegel.  Sonnenseite


20.1.2008.  How a small community can makea difference.  NYTimes.  Very inspiring to start the same initiative in your own community.


20.1.2008. Fraunhofer ISE stellt neuen Rekord für Wechselrichter-Wirkungsgrad auf. Sonnenseite

Das Fraunhofer-Institut für Solare Energiesysteme ISE hat mit 98,5% einen neuen Weltrekord für Photovoltaik-Wechselrichter aufgestellt

18.1.2008.  Scientists amzed at huge ice crack in Arctic.  SolveClimate Blog


18.1.2008.  Carbon tax versus cap and trade.  Ithaca Journal


18.1.2008. Was bremst den Klimawandel? Fokus online


17.1.2008.  Geothermie in Bruchsaal. Sonnenseite


17.1.2008.   China:Kohlefloeze brennen unter der Erde. Sueddeutsche



17.1.2008. Ukraine: deutsche Energiespartechnik gefragt wie nie zuvor. Sonnenseite


16.1.2008. Britische Kritiker empoert ueber Pro-Atomkraft Entscheidung. Greenpeace.


16.1.2008. Das EEG wird ueberarbeitet. Sonnenseite


16.1.2008.  World economic forum in Davos next week. NYTimes


15.1.2008. Climate change impacts coast of UK.  Report in the Climate Change Impact Partnership. NYTimes


15.1.2008.  Die Stromfresser kommen.  Warum der Energieverbrauch im Eigenheim ansteigt. Sueddeutsche


14.1.2008.  Europa steht Steit ueber Klimapolitik bevor. Sueddeutsche


14.1.2008.  Special section on Detroit Auto Show. NYTimes


14.1.2008.  Europe may ban import from some biofuels.  NYTimes


14.1.2008.  It's official: 2007 was the second warmest year on record (together with 1998) . James Hanson:


13.1.2008.  WWF and the government of Abu Dhabi today launched a Sustainability Strategy to deliver the world’s greenest city.  ENN


13.1.2008.  Britain readies itself for future yellyfish attack. ENN


13.1.2008.  Bayern wehrt sich gegen Emissions-Grenzwerte bei Autos. Sueddeutsche


13.1.2008.. Stromkosten werden weiter erhoeht. Sueddeutsche - Zeit, mehr Strom zu sparen, und in Solarenergie zu investieren!


13.1.2008.  Solarer Weltrekord auf dem Jungfraujoch. Sonnenseite


12.1.2008.  Glaciers during warm perids? NYTimes. Interesting, but read with care - this does not mean that today's poles are safe from melting.


12.1.2008. Naechstenliebe und Egoismus - ein interessantes Interview mit einem Soziobiologen. Sueddeutsche


12.1.2008.  In Deutschland werden weniger Autos gekauft.  Sueddeutsche


11.1.2008.  Wie sieht die Zukunft der Kontinente aus? Focus online. Passt hier nicht ganz hin, macht aber nichts. Ist interessant fuer alle, die noch nicht so viel ueber Plattentektonik Bescheid wissen.


11.1.2008.  Ein neuer Sonnenzyklus beginnt. Focus online.  Eine sehr gute Erklaerung darueber, was Sonnenflecken eigentlich sind.


11.1.2008.  Press release from the Ecological Societies of America on biofuels.


11.1.208. Energy monitoring software can help safe the planet. The Inquirer


11.1.2008.  Moderne Heizung: Die Deutschen zoegern zu lange. Sonnenseite


11.1.2008Berichte ueber Mogeleien beim Verkauf von Oekostrom haben zu Unsicerheiten beim Berbraucher gefuehrt. Sonnenseite


11.1.2008. Oekostrom muss zum Ausbau erneuerbarer Energien fuehren. Sonnenseite


11.1.2008.  Do carbon offsets make sense? NYTimes


10.1.2008. Umweltbericht in Bayern: Weniger CO2 Ausstoss. Sueddeutsche


10.1.2008.  An example why we need all parts of an ecosystem. We never know what will happen when one part is excluded or extinct. An amazing story of elefant, ants, and acacia trees in Kenya. NYTimes


10.1.2008. Grossbrittannien baut neue Atomkraftwerke. Sonnenseite


10.1.2008.  Australien will Plastiktueten verbieten. Sueddeutsche


10.1.2008. Auch wenn's hier nicht hinpasst, die Videos sind doch zu gut....Das Leben der Anderen.  Sueddeutsche


10.1.2008.  TheCompactA pledge to go a year without buying anything new (with exceptions). The Star Tribune


10.1.2008.  New device turns air into drinking water. ENN


10.1.2008.  State of the world 2008. Innovations for a sustainable economy.  Described in ENN.


10.1.2008.  Kinofilm "Unsere Erde" umsonst fuer Lehrer Ende Januar. Sonnenseite


9.1.2008.  Frauen in die erneuerbaren Energien! Sonnenseite


8.1.2008.  Chinesischer Solarzellen-Hersteller kommt nach Bayern


8.1.2008. Gezeitenkraftwerk in Sued-Korea. Sueddeutsche.


8.1.2008.  Administration will miss deadline for polar bear endangered species - yet again. Greenpeace will sue the US administration.  ENN


8.1.2008.  Huge floods in southern Africa. ENN


8.1.2008. China will forbid thin plastic shopping bags.  ENN


8.1.2008.  Corn subsidies promote Amazon deforestation. ENN


8.1.2008. Sonnige Aussichten - ein neues Buch von Franz Alt


8.1.2008.  Kritik am Klimaschutzprogramm der Bundesregierung. Sonnenseite


8.1.2008. Klimawandel kommt die Wirtschaft teurer als erwartet (Nicholas Stern)


7.1.2008.  Greenland, Ice, and Instability.  NYTimes with impressive movie.


7.1.2008.  2008 predicted to be in top 10 hottest years in spite of La Nina. reuters.


6.1.2008.  Etikettenschwindel beim Oekostrom. Tagesschau


6.1.2008. Zum Drei-Koenigstag: eine Solarstromanlage fuer den Papst!


6.1.2008.  Umweltschutzverbaende sehen Deutschland als Antreiber beim Klimaschutz


6.1.2008. Storm covers large areas of U.S. Southwest


6.1.2008.  Lawsuit to be filed to protect American Pika


5.1.2008.  Emissionshandel in Deutschland geht in die naechste Runde


5.1.2008.  Few benefits from biofuels


4.1.2008. CO2 pollution kills hundreds a year in the US alone


3.1.2008.  Japan agrees to work on 80% CO2 reduction goal as head of the G8


3.1.2008.  Ueberblick ueber den Klimawandel in 2007. Fokus


2.1.2008. Cofounder of UN Climate Panel died. NYTimes


2.1.2008. Giant kite technology could make shipping less polluting


2.1.2008.  Polar bear habitat up for oil development!


2.1.2008.  Loosing more than we gain from autumn warming. A story on the Environmental News network


2.1.2008.  Schwarzenegger klagt gegen Bush (siehe auch Petition auf der Homepage - bitte unterschreiben und weiterleiten!)


2.1.2008.  Der Permafrost-Boden in den Alpen taut gewaltig


2.1.2008.  2007 war zweit-heissestes Jahr in Deutschland


2.1.2008.  Unwissen ist Macht.


1.1.2008.  2007: The year of climate surprises. MSNBC




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