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klimaschutz / Frustration and anger
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Frustration and anger

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Ich zeige euch diesen email-Austausch, weil er, glaube ich, sehr wichtig ist. Es ist so leicht, frustriert die Haende ueber den Kopf zu werfen, und aufzugeben. Aber das hilft nichts und ist extrem unproduktiv. Falls ihr euch auch manchmal so wie ich gestern fuehle, dann bringt es vielleicht was, die Antwort meines Bekannten zu lesen.



Maiken schrieb:

"> I am furious at your country and most people in it. Here in the states

> everything goes business as usual; many people even don't know about the

> meeting, not even some secretaries of university offices (I tried to

> organize a spontaneous strike of all major universities and miserably

> failed, of course). We need something big, huge. And after all, I feel -

> even though it makes sense for the environment to have local

> demonstrations - somehow they might not show the power as well as having a

> massive storm on the White House. We need a million people or more. We

> need EVERYBODY who is concerned to stand in front of the White House ..."


> ... we ought to not just accept what this government and its

> rich friends are doing, we have the responsibility to show them and the

> world that we do care. And small things, emails, and phone calls might

> just be not up for the issue at stake.




"Do not despair. I couldn't agree more with your sentiments, but as Gore told

the world last night, it's best that we not lose hope in our anger, and rather

use the energy to do more -- much more, as you say.


Unfortunately, as you know, doing much more, with bigger numbers and more

escalated tactics, isn't as easy as it seems -- but that's our goal

nonetheless. The rest of the world knows we're fighting a good fight in the

US, and they take hope from that. ... Not everything is going well -- far from it.

But we actually feel like we have a role we can play in helping spark the

kind of movement that will help steer the world towards solutions that works."


Auf ein anderes, aehnliches email, schrieb mir ein Freund aus Nigeria:


"I can tell you that I appreciate how you feel.. what you share is so true

and is a reality that faces us daily..

But one thing, the LIGHT, the human mind, is too powerful to be blown out.

I believe, there's a dichotomy of the minds you speak of here;

one that is completely secular without a spiritual basis and the other with

a spiritual basis that seeks greater meaning and relevance in the chaos that

surrounds us. Only the category of the latter group have the power to

deliberately envision a new world order of ecological balance and

sustainability, where poverty and suffering are a thing of the past.

I believe without the spiritual dimension in humans it is difficult if not

impossible to seek high ideals of a sustainable world."

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