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klimaschutz / For young people
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For young people

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Danke, dass Du Dich am Klimaschutz beteiligen möchtest. Viel Spass dabei! Wir brauchen die Hilfe von jedem einzelnen Menschen.


Thank you for taking part in a global movement that is more urgent than ever. If adults are not able to move away from their old-fashioned way of thinking and acting, then we need your help, the energy, motivation, and creativity of young people, to wake us up and help us change in time to reach a low to zero carbon economy. To reach < 350 ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere - which is needed to avoid a global catastrophe - we need a lot more than words.

We need to change, and of course, yes, we can change in time, but only if all of us work together. Thank you for taking part!


A summary of some webpages on actions, information, and interaction is at What Kids Can Do.

See what some other kids and youth have been doing here.

Take the Youth Climate Pledge from the United Nations Foundation here.


Informationen und Spiele für junge Leute -  Information and games for young people


Movies for kids


Netzwerke  -  Networks


Blogs on climate change and climate action


Projekte zum Mitmachen            Projects to participate in


Projekte zum selber machen      Projects for you to organize


Other forms of children participation


Informationen für LeherInnen und Eltern sind hier.

Information for teachers and parents (but also interesting for kids)  - see here 




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