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For Roger

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We are such busy people.


But what actually is the most important thing in our lifes? Is it a job and money? Is it friendship, love, laughter, happiness?


Probably both. But do we spend enough time on the latter?


Or do we run around busily until we come to a screaming halt and realize – I have missed out yet again. weiter...I have missed out to laugh and relax and enjoy life with a wonderful person. I was too busy to stop by for a chat; too busy to lean back in the evening with a beer in the hand and laugh.


Why? Because I think my work is so important that I cannot afford some time off? Because I am so important that I cannot spare an hour to be a human and a friend?


Something in our system is horribly flawed. Somewhere in our system we fail to be humans. Somewhere in our system we need to reconsider our true values and readjust the speed and business of our lifes.


It is too late to recognize this when we lose a person that is close and dear to our hearts. But it is not too late to learn for the future.


Let us learn from the loss of a dearly loved person that there is a lot more to life than work. That there is something even more important than striving to excel – and that is love and friendship, and the time to foster it. Time to stop and enjoy. We only have one life.






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